Residential Area

Residential AreaResidential Area
In this Area, it is mostly an area for a living or a stay such as; houses, apartments, condo, and etc. In this area most of the pumps that they actually need are small capacity pump or we shall call it as a domestic pump. How ever, it also depends on how big the house is and how many taps that are needed to be opened at the same time as these aspects effecting the specs of the pump. The capacity and also the head of the pump must meet the needs of each houses.

In this residential area, the water pump brand that most people use from our experiences is PEDROLLO, as this brand is the number 1 brand in Italy for domestic pump as well as the industrial pumps. The quality will be second to none, they work just fine even after 4 years of usage. The price might be a bit higher compare to other brands, but it means you are investing your money to a great product.